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Hip Replacement Advise

In May of 2021, I had a replacement of the right hip joint. Basically, the joint wore out after many years of running, biking and hiking. I did extensive research before having the surgery. Below are a number of resources that you might find useful if you are considering this surgery.

One of approaches I investigate is the use of robotic surgery. I was fine with the robotic part. However, use of the robot requires a full pelvic CAT scan. A pelvic CAT scan exposes the body to a significant amount of x-ray radiation. The CAT scan would be the equivalent of 100 chest x-rays (see American Cancer Society article). Therefore, in your lifetime it is advisable to limit CT scans only when absolutely necessary.

I decided not to do the robotic surgery. My doctor was fine with this, as a good orthopedist surgeon would know be able to do the replacement without the robotic.

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